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Implementation of custom document generation in Salesforce
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About customer
AceBIT is a company known for its password security solution, Password Depot, which helps protect confidential data, and offers enterprise-level password and data management solutions for businesses.
We used to spend 15–30 minutes creating a quote or finding the right contact person.
Today it’s just a few clicks.
It means we’re focusing on the real work and don’t waste time on quotations, invoices and so on anymore.
We’ve improved our general performance.
Stelios Tsaousidis, Chief Executive Officer at AceBIT

Code Ohana solutions

    Streamlined Quote and Invoice Automation
    We implemented Automated Quote generation engine and new flow to send Quotes to new prospects from AceBIT website that are using "Request for a Quote" form.

    We developed Automated Invoice and Delivery document generation solution, with automated steps following Invoice stage.

    Our Quote and Invoice flows execute automatically behind the scene and take the load off the AceBIT Sales Reps.

    Integration with Key Generation service for Delivery Document generation
    Our team created the solution that enables seamless integration between Salesforce processes and
    AceBIT's proprietary Key Generation service, streamlining the creation of essential delivery documents.
    Integration with SevDesk
    This process ensures that customer information and invoice details remain consistent and up-to-date across all connected systems, eliminating discrepancies and streamlining business operations.
    Results and Benefits
    • Time-Saving Automation
      AceBIT team has transitioned from manual processes to automated workflows.
      Creating quotes and identifying contacts,
      which previously consumed 15–30 minutes,
      now require just a few clicks.
    • Seamless Contact Management
      Thanks to the Salesforce Contact Management, AceBIT team can now swiftly locate and connect with the right contact persons.
    • Enhanced Efficiency
      Implemented features in Salesforce allow AceBIT team to streamline processes and devote their energy to tasks that drive real results for our business.
    The AceBIT team is pleased with the result of speeding up their processes and getting rid of the "headache" like manual contact search and quotation, just as our team was pleased to receive
    positive feedback, experience and remain partners with AceBIT.

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